Physical Comfort

It is late morning as my friends and I carefully trudge down the hill to embark on the smaller, family-friendly corn maze (the larger one is situated at the other end of the farm). Each of us is holding our baby to our chest using a carrier, and except for me, everyone in our groupContinue reading “Physical Comfort”

Story Time

Bouncing, bouncing on my knees Bouncing, bouncing on my knees Bouncing, bouncing on my knees Just baby and me I’ll swing you high I’ll swing you low I’ll hold you tight And I won’t let go Bouncing, bouncing… At the library’s story time on Tuesdays, Nora has a friend.  He and his mom usually sitContinue reading “Story Time”

A Happy Moment

One night two weeks ago Danith asked if I was happy.  We were sitting in a corner of our bedroom, with Nora sleeping in her bassinet several feet away. To keep the room dark for her, as recommended by the articles I had read, we left on only a light from the adjoining bathroom. Through the easeContinue reading “A Happy Moment”