All Is Not Fair

It was on a Saturday afternoon in April that I learned I was pregnant with Kiri.  I had been irritable and anxious all week, wanting to know but afraid of the answer.  I had just returned home from helping to clean a neighborhood park in honor of Earth Day, and I didn’t bother to showerContinue reading “All Is Not Fair”

Watching The Leaves

Yesterday, while preparing Italian sausages and bell peppers for dinner, I heard it outside.  Like knives, cold and metallic, hitting each other.  I dropped the peppers, grabbed my phone from the console, and hurried to the sliding glass door in my family room.  I had been right about what I had heard. Outside the windContinue reading “Watching The Leaves”

Climbing That Tree

This evening I’m aiming for a Western meal.  Baby spinach with sliced strawberries and crushed roasted almonds and walnuts with a homemade vinegrette dressing; frozen lasagna that is baked until the edges are browned and crackling; and a warmed Italian loaf with grass-fed butter, presented on a wooden cutting board. As Danith and his momContinue reading “Climbing That Tree”