Passed Friendship

I pull out of our cul-de-sac and onto the main road, slowing as I cut the corner. The street light further down is gleaming red against the late evening sky, so I set my foot on the brakes and my eyes on the four tall window panes in my living room that faces the street. … Continue reading

Regardless of Age or Stage

Regardless of Age or Stage

On Sunday morning Danith visited Daffy and Kiri at the river without me. I hadn’t known about the trip until he texted me with pictures. Danith and I experienced our first loss about eight years ago. We had gone in for several ultrasounds when the prognosis was not promising. The night before the final ultrasound, … Continue reading

Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way

Danith and I have known each other for over thirty years, but we are in possession of only one photograph of us together in our much younger years. In it, I am still in high school. We are fishing from a pier at night, sitting on a concrete wall, either of us grasping a rod, … Continue reading

A Far View

A Far View

About five years ago a mother and her toddler son made the news in the most horrific way.  She had taken her two-year-old to the local zoo and visited the African painted dog exhibit.  The boy was standing on the railing for a better view of the dogs while his mother was holding him.  I … Continue reading

A Relationship With Time

A Relationship With Time

I first met Time when I was about 27 years old.  Danith was asleep with his back turned to me.  Pluto was snoring in his bed on the floor beside me.  The moon shone through the white sheer curtains in our guest bedroom, making the white beadboard on the one wall glow.  At that moment, I … Continue reading