Remembered Frame

Recently, I came upon framed initials commemorating a child’s birth.  I found these simple pieces of artwork to be beautiful, and I tried to replicate them for Daffy and Kiri.  I remember that when our babies passed away, I was overcome with the need to let those people in our lives know that Daffy and Kiri mattered.  Their physical beings were small, their time on Earth was short, but their spirit was of no diminutive measure.  Their names deserved to be recognized, and their lives, too, deserved to be remembered.

If you would like a Remembered Frame made in honor of your deceased child, it would be my honor to create one for you.  This would be a gift, and there would be no charge.  I welcome you to email me at with  your request.  I am sorry for your loss.


Please include in your email:

Your full name

Your child’s name (first only or full)

Your child’s sex (to help determine design)

Your child’s date of birth or passing

Color scheme (choose one): blue, pink, yellow, green, tan/brown

Short phrase to appear at the top (default will read, “always remembered, always loved”)

Your mailing address