About Me

6cd7c6750b52a7a31ebe5b1ed111ef11My husband and I have been married for 17 years.  In the last year and half, we lost two babies, both in the second trimester of pregnancy.  Daffy’s death at 23 weeks was from placental insufficiency.  Kiri’s death at 22 weeks and 1 day was from IC and preterm labor.

Daffy’s and Kiri’s lives and passing have taken me to deep crevices of my life, and they will continue to.  Each day I want to be brave and strong because I am their mother; each day I feel broken for the same reason.  In this blog, I hope to map the destinations I travel within myself to better understand my place in the world.  Daffy and Kiri will accompany me, just as they have been since the first day of their lives.  They will lead the way.  They are my light.

Thank you for following along — I appreciate your company.  You may contact me at daffodilfirefly@yahoo.com.