My Babies Are Enough

My Babies Are Enough

The girls from the high school track team are sitting at their own round tables, separated from their parents.  I am sitting at a table with some of their parents.  The party favors that I had tied up with navy blue and gold ribbons help to add some color, but other than them, the white linen-tables … Continue reading

A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day

After dinner last night, I slipped into my car and headed for Michaels.  It was already 8:10, so I would have less than one hour to arrive at the arts and crafts store and complete my shopping list.  At 8:15 I looked out my windshield and windows, and saw.  I saw.  I hadn’t seen the beautiful … Continue reading

My First Forty Years

My First Forty Years

Even well into my adulthood, I did not understand parents who said that their reason for not wanting to die was that they didn’t want to leave their children.  Why would they worry about leaving their children?  Their children were healthy and would live.  They, the parents, were the ones whose lives would cease to … Continue reading