A Birthday Wish

A Birthday Wish

I met Danith when I was eight and half years old.  He can’t recall that moment, but I can.  My parents and I were visiting his home to welcome him and his mother to the neighborhood.  I was sitting on the couch across from his mother when she said that she had one son and quickly … Continue reading

Pray for Our Baby’s Reincarnation

Pray for Our Baby’s Reincarnation

I remember stepping off the city bus with my grandmother.  I was, maybe, three or four years old at the time.  From the bus stop, she and I would trek up and down the Seattle hills, passing by white gladiolas and apple trees and blackberry bushes, to a house that had been transformed into a … Continue reading

Any Time and Every Time

Any Time and Every Time

For a few weeks, I had noticed those moments where I believed that Danith and I would be okay.  Our children have passed, and although we are broken, we will live on.  We will go to work, we will do our best at leaving a positive imprint from the steps we take, and we will count … Continue reading